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Research & Development Proposals: Thrust Areas for R&D

Thrust Areas for R&D
The broad thrust areas for supporting Research & Development in Environment would be as follows:-

a) Development of interventions for Prevention, Control and Abatement of all forms of Pollution based on Bio technology, Biochemical, Biophysical, Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Biological methods etc.
b) Development of Greener Processes, Greener Technologies and Cleaner Practices for better Environment Management Systems.
c) Development of technologies, processes and practices for bioremediation of contaminated sites for Solid/Hazardous waste and Water.
d) Application of Remote Sensing, GIS, Drone Technology and Artificial Intelligence for environmental planning.
e) Basic Primary Research on Climate Change and development of its indicators.
f) Basic Research on different forms of Pollution and its effect on Life, human health and property.
g) Studies on impacts of developmental activities on the environment, ecology and habitat.
h) Policy Research on socio-economic issues of environment including legal and policy frameworks.
i) Ecological studies on linking of Rivers.

GEMI may also support new, creative, innovative and original proposals from researchers in areas which may be outside the identified thrust areas but have direct bearing on the environment and ecology.