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Collaborative Research Proposal with GEMI: The specific areas of R & D CC
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The specific areas of R & D for collaborative Research
The Principal Investigator for such collaborative research shall be an official of GEMI. However, CO-PI and members of the research team may be from other Organizations/Institutes/Universities may be as follows:-

a) Monitoring of Fluoride concentration in Fluoride affected areas of Gujarat along with scientific assessment of their probable impacts, causes and remedial measures thereof.
b) Study of the issue of NH3-N discharge into surface water streams by small scale industries along with their impacts on aquatic life with recommendation and abatement measures.
c) Monitoring of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) in various water resources and efforts to maintain and restore optimum DO level.
d) Study on issue of Phenol discharge into Coastal region by small scale industries along with their impacts on aquatic life with recommendation and abatement measures
e) Study of Waste Water Treatment technology with the aid of Nanotechnology/Biotechnology.
f) Study on problems of high Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) in CETPs and impacts of interference due to Chloride on high COD level.
g) Study on monitoring and analysis of Pesticides and Fertilizers in river streams due to agricultural runoff and steps and measures to control the same
h) Analysis of pesticides and insecticides on fruits and vegetables.
i) Ecological feasibility study by interlinking of rivers.
j) Study of impacts due to Hazardous Waste Landfill Sites on health of Environment and surrounding area.
k) Assessment of Post Environment Clearance monitoring of various projects
l) Identification and mitigation of General Environmental issues faced by different industrial sectors.
m) Noise monitoring of various cities of Gujarat.
n) Montoring of Mobile Radiations and their effects on receptors.
0) Studies to develop various environmental indices.

However, list proposed is not exhaustive one, new subjects may be included in it.