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Financial Assistance to Students: Terms & Conditons
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Terms & Conditions for the scheme shall be as follows

a) All proposals for Financial Assistance under the scheme have to be routed through the Principal/Head of the Department(HOD)/ Controlling Faculty of the Institution by whatever designation.
b) An application can be made by an individual student or a group of students not exceeding 3 in number. If made by the group, the students at serial number 01 will be considered as the team leader. The applicant student, therefore, in such cases, hereafter, would imply team leader and his/her team.
c) Application shall be made in the given prescribed format Download Template.
d) Applicant student has to submit his /her/their Biodata, in the given prescribed format Download Template
e) Applicant student has to submit a letter from the Head of Department, granting the permission for working on the project at GEMI Download Template
f) The technology, process or practice to be demonstrated must be innovative in nature and must not be repetition of the one already done elsewhere.
g) The Student has to submit an undertaking that he/she has not availed any other grant for the proposed research/project.
h) The purchase of material equipments, software and model and their designs cost would be borne and expended by GEMI following the due purchase procedure of the Institute. The total Financial Proposal, however, would be normally limited to Rs 2.0 Lakhs but shall not exceed Rs 5.0 Lakhs in exceptional cases.
i) GEMI may seek any document/clarification from the applicant before deciding about the approval of proposal.
j) GEMI reserves the right to terminate the project at any stage if it is convinced that the sufficient progress is not achieved towards the purpose for which the project was approved and sanctioned. Or the student's behaviour is not satisfactory.
k) The GEMI shall have the sole right to publish, patent the research fully or partly.
l) In case of any dispute regarding above, the decision of Director GEMI shall be final.
m) The Director GEMI while approving the research proposal may impose such terms and conditions as may be necessary for smooth execution of the research proposals.