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Financial Assistance to Students: Instructions for making online application
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Instructions for making online application
For successful online submission of the application the following points may be noted:

a) Applicant(s) has to first download all the required formats/templates given in the scheme. The formats in word file are made available in this section or from the APPLY NOW tab.
b) Applicant has to fill all the mandatory formats which includes Application Format, Bio-data, and Undertaking Certificate.
c) In case of more than one applicant, the format of Biodata has to be filled separately by the team members and shall be uploaded in a single pdf file.
d) Applicant has to submit and upload a letter from HOD/Dean of the Institute in their respective format stating the name(s) of students, project title and duration of project.
e) Applicant has to upload the following documents in the pdf format only:
     i) Application Format Download Template
     ii) Bio-data Download Template
     iii) Letter from HOD/Dean of the Institute
     iv) Undertaking Certificate Download Template
     v) Signature
     vi) Photograph