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Collaborative Research Proposal with GEMI: General Terms and Conditions CC
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a) GEMI may seek any document/clarification from the applicant before deciding about the approval of proposal.
b) GEMI reserves the right to terminate the Co-PI at any stage if it is convinced that sufficient progress is not achieved.
c) The Co-PI in association with Principal Investigator must submit monthly Progress Report.
d) The Principal Investigator and Co-PI must publish a research paper under this project in a reputed International Journal only after approval by the Director, GEMI.
e) All innovations, inventions and discoveries made under this project resulting from the research carried out shall vest in GEMI. No IPR/Royalty can therefore be charged or claimed in future.
f) The GEMI shall have the sole right to patent the research fully or partly.
g) In case of any dispute regarding above, the decision of Director GEMI shall be final.
i) The Director GEMI while approving the research proposal may impose such terms and conditions as may be necessary for smooth execution of the research proposals.