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Financial Assistance to Students: Criteria for Selection
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Criteria for Selection of Proposals
The selection of project proposals will be done by Peer Review process. However, there shall be selection only on the fulfillment of certain basic criteria regarding the proposed objectives and the competence available. Preference will be given to the following kinds of projects:

a) Those concerned with research in environment subjects or are of cross-stream and trans-disciplinary in nature and are of direct relevance to the objectives of environmentally sound development of the State or Country;
b) Those attempting to solve any urgent and pressing environmental and ecological problem(s) perceived to be of wide State /National/Specific Interest and importance and are, therefore, of broad applicability or offer solutions to mitigate a regional environmental issue;
c) Those capable of producing knowledge which can be implemented directly, used for the purpose of environmental planning or can lead to innovation and development of environmentally sound technologies, processes and techniques;
d) Those that can provide knowledge, which is not being already generated by other programmes or is complementary to such knowledge; and which do not overlap with the mandates/programme of other funding agencies;
e) Those able to produce time-bound results;