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Collaborative Research Proposal with GEMI: River Interlinking CC
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River Interlinking
Topic: :Ecological feasibility study by interlinking of rivers

Project Summary : River interlinking is said to ease water shortages in western and southern India, while mitigating impacts of recurrent floods in the eastern parts of Ganga basin. It is also believed to be an effective method to increase irrigation potential to improve food grain production, mitigate floods and droughts and reduce regional imbalances in the availability of water. It may also add millions of hectares of irrigated land and generate million kw of electricity. It can also increase the navigational efficiency apart from controlling floods and eliminating chances of drought. However, it is a mammoth task with huge repercussions. Water storage and distributed reservoirs are likely to displace people. Water logging is also likely to cause water borne diseases and can disturb the aquatic lifestyles and have adverse effects on fisheries.
However further study is required in order to evaluate the disadvantages of river linking.

Objectives of the study
a) To identify the environmental repercussions of interlinking rivers while conducting a detailed study on that.
b) To collect and collate a database with ecological, flora and fauna information in areas close to interlinked rivers.
c) To collect and collate the notable changes in environmental conditions of areas near interlinked rivers.
c) To ascertain whether abatement measures for reducing the negative impact of river interlinking can be formulated.