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Collaborative Research Proposal with GEMI: Post Environmnet Clearance CC
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Post Environmnet Clearance
Topic: Assessment of Post Environment Clearance Monitoring of various Projects.

Project Summary : Environment clearance is granted by the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change for Group A project while for Group B,it is granted by the State Level Environment Impact Assessment Authority. The grant of Environment Clearance is governed by EIA Notification dated 14th September, 2006.
The aforesaid notification, lists out a detailed process which includes screening, scoping, public hearing and grant of Environment clearance. It deals in detail about various industries and processes for which carrying out of Environment Impact Assessment is necessary and Environment clearance is to be obtained by project proponent. The procedure upto grant of Environment clearance is quite meticulous and complete in all respect.
However, there is no mention of post environment clearance by any regulatory Authority in the aforesaid Notification which leads to virtual black out about the implementation of the conditions mentioned in grant of Environment Clearance. There is therefore, need to come up with a sound Post Environment Clearance Monitoring system by incorporating principles of Science, Technology and Management.

Objectives of the study
a) To workout in detail the process and procedure to be listed in monitoring of entire management system of the project implemented.
b) To carry out detailed adequacy and efficacy of such system through use of modern technology, improved processes and practices.
c) To introduce the concept of fool proof monitoring of entire processes of such Environment management systems including having an in built calibration and validation system in place.
d) To suggest necessary changes / amendment required to be made in the administrative set up of the project proponents to have the trained manpower in the field of environment engineering and science.