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Collaborative Research Proposal with GEMI: Phenol Removal in Coastal Areas CC
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Phenol Removal in Coastal Areas
Topic: : Study on issue of Phenol discharge into coastal region by small scale industries along with their impacts on aquatic life and proposed recommendation about abatement measures.

Project Summary : Phenols are produced as waste in oil refineries, coke plants, coal conversions plants, municipal waste treatment plant, discharges, spills, etc. High concentrations of phenol can impart a peculiar smell and taste to the water. When dumped into sea, phenol and its derivatives induce toxic effects for fish. They also cause carcinogenic, immunotoxic, hematological, genotoxic effects in them. Long terms effects may include shortened lifespan, reproductive problems, lower fertility, and changes in appearance or behaviour. It is also slightly persistent in water, with a half-life of between 2 to 20 days.
Phenol and phenolic compounds removal has been done through various technologies such as using adsorbents, membranes, though electrochemical treatment, solvent extraction and different separation techniques. New technologies include using crosslinked cyclodextrin particles.

Objectives of the study
a)To develop newer, efficient and environmentally friendly techniques for the efficient removal of phenol from sea water.
b)To come up with abatement measures to prevent or reduce phenol contamination in sea water.
c)To develop or validate models for prevention of phenol discharge in sea water.