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Collaborative Research Proposal with GEMI: Identification and mitigtion CC
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Identification and mitigtion of general environment problems faced by industries 2
Topic: Identification and mitigation of General Environmental issues faced by industries of small scale sector.

Project Summary : Industries, especially small-scale industries do not enjoy the advantages that large scale industries have. Such industries are often not able to meet the strict environmental standards laid down by the government. The appropriate technology and equipment though available in the market, may or may not be adopted by these industries. The decision to adopt is often largely dependent on assessment of cost of these devices. Industries having lesser funds and those who aim to have maximum profits do not choose to invest in such technologies.
Small scale industries despite not being full fledged, contribute significantly to environmental pollution. Therefore, measures must be taken to identify the problems and to develop methods to ensure that these industries are self-sufficient to adopt the environmental standards / norms fixed by the government or regulator.
The one of the following industries working in small scale may be identified.

Objectives of the study
a) To list out the environmental issues in small industries.
b) To prepare guidelines for treatment of their waste discarded from their operations , based on the type and nature of industry
c) To identify the processes- chemical and others that need to be modified to reduce the pollution in the identified sector.
c) To identify appropriate, better, improved technology for process as also for treatment of wastes in air, water, etc.
c) To suggest changes in the EMS for improved environment leading to minimum pollution.