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Collaborative Research Proposal with GEMI: Hazardous waste impact CC
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Hazardous waste impact
Topic: :Study impacts due to Hazardous Waste Landill Site on human, health and Environment.

Project Summary : A landfill site is used for disposal of waste materials by burial and is the oldest form of waste treatment. They are the most common methods of organised waste disposal and remain so in many places around the world. Landfills are cost-effective way of waste disposal. They have fewer fixed costs and they also can be upgraded to landfill gas stations. Also, their specific location enables easy monitoring of the type of wastes dumped and processed.
However, of late, it is felt that disadvantages may be outweighing the benefits as there are severe social consequences as well. Leaching of toxic pollutants and fires due to excessive production of methane have become major issues. They are also a major hub of disease causing vectors like rats and flies and cause wildlife disruption. Landfills are also a major source for ground water pollution.

Objectives of the study
a)To carry out primary study on the amount, nature and characteristics of waste dumped in landfill site.
b) To evolve the receipt criteria of the waste based on the type of landfill and its surroundings.
c)To study the type of waste that contributes to leachate and the characteristics of such leachate .
c)To study effect such leachate has on Groundwater /water table.
c)To study issues of air pollution due to landfill site including issues of aesthetics.
c)To study the overall effect of landfill site on human health residing in surrounding areas.