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Gujarat Environment Management Institute (GEMI) is one of the very few centres in the Country that provides solutions for pollution problems related to Water, Air and Soil. It has chalked out an extensive Water, Air and Land conservation plan and also acts as a Referral Institute. Accordingly, the Memorandum of Association of GEMI has mandated that it would also act as an R & D Centre. The funds for such an activity have been ear-marked by the Institute from its own funds as well as from the Government funding.
Objectives and Functions of GEMI for Research in the field of Environment
The Institute has a broad mandate as regards research and innovation in the field of Environment.
The Objectives and Functions of GEMI as listed in its Memorandum of Association (MoA) in this regards are as follows:

Objective 3 of MoA: "To Promote/Undertake/Develop Studies and Research in the field of Environmental Protection and related issues"
Objective 6 of MoA: "To undertake Research and Development activities for pollution control and related activities commissioned by Industries or any other body requiring Pollution Control"

Further, the review committee of GEMI set up in 2004, which had submitted its report subsequently, had also listed the following research objective for GEMI:

"GEMI shall carry out Research and Development Activities in the field of Environment depend upon the current requirement of the State."

GEMI also has a mandate to collaborate with National/ International Organizations working on similar objectives through exchange of knowledge/ ideas/ technologies and by collaborative efforts nationally as well as globally. GEMI is now an Institute of repute and affiliations with various Institutes/Universities /Organizations are being done.

The Objectives given in Memorandum of Association specifically states

Objective 5 of MoA: "To interact and/or to seek affiliation with National & Agencies working for similar Objectives."

Objective 15 of MoA: "To cooperate with Educational or other Institutes in any part of the world having object wholly or partly similar to those of the Institute by Exchange of Experts, Scholars and in such manner as may be conducive to their common Objectives."

Vision of the Institute for this purpose would be as follows
"Promotion of research into the various facets of Environment for the Conservation, Protection & Management of the Environment of the Gujarat and the Country."
Similarly, the Mission for the Collaborative Research would be
"To Promote, support and coordinate environmental research in public interest for furthering the cause and understanding of the environment and devising strategies and solutions for environment conservation, protection and management."
Environment Research Proposals